Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yikes no juice!

Well it was a first for me. No electricity at the library. So no class on Wed. 1/14 and no class on Mon 1/19. So after a week we were back to class. It was a wild as always . They had to hold up their cards as their fellow students read out a sentence. They were holding up contractions he's, she's or she is, he is. It became an out of control free for all and we finally shut it down 75 mins. into the class. Then we worked on question scramble and they had to write their answer on the board. (they worked in teams) I am not sure how we got to this answer but here was what one group came up with to the question "Are you married?" No we aren't. We are divorced, single and looking.

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loveX6 said...

jaxoma says.....You never know what occurs when the juice stops flowing and the darkness descends upon us.