Monday, December 8, 2008

#19 Web 2.0 Winners

OK so I must admit that the first site I went to visit was the Retail site. Now I know you are wondering how that will help the library but let us remember first impressions are sometimes lasting impressions. I did enjoy finding a site that sold vintage clothing and now I am drawing a blank on the name. i guess that first impression was not lasting. For the library I checked out the education winners and found Mango and SpanishPod that would help with ESL students. There was also .docstoc that had all kinds of legal forms that you could download. I know the librarians get bombarded with questions on that kind of stuff. Under Books I found our old friend LibraryThing as Honorable mention. they also had Vufind. And I checked out the employment section because the days of paper apps is long gone and many of our customers have to turn to the library to apply for a job.

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