Tuesday, December 9, 2008

# 21 Podcast or better yet Pod H -e- double hockey sticks!

Ok This is somewhat like you tube for me. I find it overwhelming to say the least. Pod Pickle was way too confusing. I am now signed up for Odeo and Podcast Alley and I already had itunes at home. My problem is that I could not make the RSS feed thing hook up with my bloglines account. I am not sure where all the info went but it surely is not on my blogsline account. I think as exciting as the sites are I am so overwhelmed by the sites i do not know where to begin. I listened to some of the Education site with the English as a second language podcast. Unfortunately it was not very good. I ended up going into Podcast Alley and finding Prairie Home Companion and hopefully it is linked in with this title. If I have time I will visit the tutor session tommorrow.

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