Sunday, December 14, 2008

#23 Farewell To 2.0 ... Gone but not forgotten

Thanks to JPL 2.0 I ventured into computer territories that I would have never "clicked" on. Lessons on Library Thing, Flickr, You Tube, and Podcasts were fun and enlightening for me. The Technorati, Wiki, and RSS Feeds left me dazed.
I would gladly participate on the next venture. I do feel that with this assignment there were many who really did not need JPL 2.0 but JPL 3.0 as they seemed to already use and know of many of the sites and services. The tutors on Wednesdays were life savers. Donna had the patience of three saints and deserves a gold star. If my schedule had permitted I would not have missed a session with her. As for the library... this is the direction we must go in. The librarian with the reference book is now the librarian with the best website.


loveX6 said...

Well-said. I concur with all.

dp said...

When I see how far you have come since you first came to a tutoring warms my heart.

Now go fly.....explore....enjoy.